Vintage motorcycle warranty

Sold on the road-will be fully safety checked and running with any necessary replacement parts fitted. Supplied with an MOT (usually new) and UK age related registration, V5 and no plate. 
1. Warranty is 3 months, except 2 strokes, which is 1 month. Commences from delivery date. 
2. It is the responsibility of the buyer to return the vehicle to our premises so that remedial work can be undertaken. If distance makes this impractical then we will liaise with the customer to supply the parts only, we won’t be liable for 3rd party labour repair invoices.  
3. Inclusions are any mechanical or electrical failure which has not occurred due to abuse eg lack of maintenance or oil
4. Exclusions are consumables such as batteries, tyres etc as well as poor running due to stale fuel
5. Delivery time can vary depending on the work required and parts needed, usually 6-8 weeks.

Sold ‘As is’ - No warranty other than the vehicle being as per our description on delivery. 
These are motorcycles that have not been through our workshop nor have an MOT. They are not roadworthy and will need recommissioning. This can range from a full rebuild project to a safety check and carb tune up. In most cases they are still on US documentation. The prices of course reflect this and can be a good saving if the customer is able to undertake the work. We will supply you with the US title. All of our imported vehicles have been entered onto the NOVA database via our own link, a certificate can be supplied on request but not required for DVLA registration as they are linked to the NOVA database.  
You will need to undertake the following;
1. Recommission the M/Cycle and, if the motorcycle is less than 40 years old, obtain an MOT**. 
2. You will need to fill out a V55/5 which we can supply, most boxes do not require filling out such as Dba Noise, emissions etc as this applies to type approval which isn’t required due to age. 
3. Send to DVLA 

     a. US title or dating certificate if the title is missing. Include photos of vin/eng no if no title.
     b. V55/5
     c. MOT Certificate (If the bike is less than 40 years old). If the bike is more than 40 years old, an MOT certificate is no longer required. You will need to fill out a V112 (Declaration of MOT Exemption); for "Vehicle Reg No." put VIN and "Not yet Uk registered". For category put R*. We also recommend including a photo of the Motorcycle and it VIN.
     d. Proof of identity-see list on V355/5, normally copy of utility bill and passport/driving licence
     e. £55+road tax, nil if 40+years old

Generally, the wait is around 14 days to receive back the V5 and authority to order a number plate. You will also receive back your MOT and copy bills but NOT THE US CERTIFICATE OF TITLE WHICH THEY DESTROY. Make a copy if it is of value such as proof of one owner motorcycle.

**for vehicles in their 40th year ie for 2018>1978, unless the title gives a specific date of first registration (Which it usually does not, just a year), then treat as younger than 40, requiring an MOT and road tax.

Pre-registration service for 'As-Is' sales of over 40 year old motorcycles.

If all this paperwork and form filling seems like too much hassle, we can pre-register the motorcycle for you at a cost of £97.50 including DVLA fee and VAT.

You will receive the motorcycle with an age related number plate, a V5 with you as the 2nd owner. This will take around 2 weeks. This does not affect the terms of 'AS-IS' sales without MOT and warranty and must be considered unroadworthy until correctly recommissioned. This service is only offered for our sales, NOT for 3rd party sales.

General Payment terms

To secure the vehicle for 'On the road' or 'As-Is' terms, we will require a deposit, generally £500 for vehicles over £2000. Deposits are non-refundable and once paid you are committed to buying that vehicle on the agreed terms. If you are unable to complete a transaction, please advise us as soon as possible.  

If we are unable to get the M/C running under an 'On the road' sale to a satisfactory standard or it ultimately becomes apparent that the vehicle for whatever reason cannot made roadworthy within a reasonable period of time,
We will refund all monies paid. 

If you are securing an 'As-Is' sale and on your inspection or delivery we have misdescribed something on the vehicle, we will try and remedy this to your satisfaction or refund your deposit/payment.