Welcome to the David Silver Spares Ltd (UK) website

Our web site has been designed to make shopping for spares much simpler. We've included new tools in the My account area such as the My Bikes facility, Order tracking and order history, Search by part number.

Search by Part Number
The search by part number area has been improved again! You can now find the availability and supersession data, and place orders for any Honda part number.

Search by model
The search by model area shows friendly descriptions of parts instead of Honda descriptions which are usually pretty meaningless. If you don't know the Honda part numbers of the parts you need then the search by model is the area for you. Enter the engine size of your bike eg for CBR400RR-L enter 400 and click search. You'll be presented with a dropdown box of all the models which match the CC you entered. Choose your model from the dropdown box and click search again. You'll then see a list of all the major parts we stock. 

Your site shows that you are out of stock of the part I need - Can I still order it?
Yes, you can. You will be charged for the part in the usual way. The part will be allocated to you for when the next delivery is received and processed. If your order also contains in stock parts, these will be held until all parts have arrived in and are ready to ship.

If my order contains in stock and special order or out of stock parts, can you part ship my order?
If a part is shown as out of stock, you can still add it to your basket and checkout. In this case, your order will not be dispatched until all of the parts have arrived in. However, If you would like us to part ship your order (ie stock parts, then out of stock or special order parts), Please notify us by emailing sales@davidsilverspares.co.uk as soon as you have placed your order. Please include the website order number from the order confirmation page (or email) and the instruction to part ship the order. You will incur a postage charge for each parcel sent.

Which methods of payment do you accept?
Card payment.
We can accept most credit or debit cards including VISA, Master Card, American Express, UK Switch/Maestro, Solo and Visa Electron. We are currently unable to accept European Maestro cards.
Paypal payments must be arranged by email and will carry a 5.0% surcharge.
Cheques or postal orders.
Cheques and postal orders can be sent to our usual address. Please contact our sales staff to arrange a quote to be included with the payment.
International money orders.
We can only accept international money orders in Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Please contact our sales staff to arrange payment and a quote.
BAC's payments and direct money transfers.
Please contact our sales team to pre-arrange a quote and payment details.

What rate are you charging VAT at?
Brexit has somewhat complicated the various tax rates for EU customers. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for an explaination of what Brexit means for you.

We're still here to help
Of course you can still speak to one of our sales team by calling the usual number 01728 833020 from the UK or +44 1728 833020 internationally